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sex massage MoscowI have the privilege of leading an exciting life and I invite you to be a part of it. As we get to know each other better, you will learn more about me and my adventures. In the meantime, know that beneath my sexy frame is an earthy personality. You will find me a sensual and playful personality. I enjoy learning new things. I love to live each day to the fullest. Work hard and play hard is what I always say.

I can play any role you want me — hot, understanding, friendly, decent mature Moscow escort lady, and I will do it with no effort because I have all these qualities. I can accompany you at any event — whether it be an official dinner with boring colleagues or party with your friends — you will be proud to introduce me to them. On the other hand, when we are alone, I am completely opposite to that decent woman — I’ll be sexy, passionate and playful Russian girlfriend you want and need. I have many qualities majority of your ladies didn’t have — I don’t like all this drama and quarrels, I am reliable and punctual, your interests are above main in any way. I always discuss topics you consider to be acceptable and I eager to do everything in order to exceed your expectation. We will start with our initial 1-hour introductory date after which we can continue our communication if we both like and respect each other.

I always express my appreciation for that because I love being good enough for you. Realizing this, my desire to treat you in the best way you can imagine wakes up. We can be friends that share each other’s secret and wants, but if your circumstances change, I can fade from your life and only memories about us will be with you for a really long time. I’ll be the part of your life for as long as you want me to be. Your opportunity to choose, this is your privilege. I can say I have a gift for pleasing men, and I show all my skills for those who appreciate and respect me. My biggest enjoyment to satisfy my old friends who know a lot about me as well I know about them. That means that I am interested in a real long-lasting friendship rather than occasional meeting. I extremely appreciate sincerity, precision and genuine connection.

It’s important for me and my health to be away from everything that can hurt me in any way. Besides, I can spend a wonderful time only with those who don’t forget to keep track of hygiene and understand the importance of safety. I agree that I am very picky when it comes to the selection of my men. I would never take any risks or do anything that is harmful to health. All my clients already know this and fully understand me. It’s okay a risk with my choice of the dress or makeup of an evening but not in anything concerning health. You want to remember nothing but our GirlFriend experience so please respect my needs