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sex massage MoscowI am extremely independent – as a woman and as an escort! I am a natural giver rather than taker. I am mature, and I absolutely love a romp in bed with someone. MILF – for the younger guys I guess. Lots of fun, I’ll generally be in charge, show you what women really like, teach you new techniques, and ride you hard!

Strap on – a bit of role reversal! Even the straightest of guys like a woman fucking them. I’m gentle and patient, you have to be, but once they are used to it, I can fuck hard, and OMG! when I see their eyes roll back as they climax, there can’t be anything better.

I would rather give you lots of pleasure and make you the centre of attention than myself. I am not extreme in anything, but I enjoy being experimental and I hope open minded. With my regulars, we are over time able to explore areas further as the trust between us builds.

I don’t run a conveyor belt system. I have limited appointments per week, and I make sure that I allow a bit of contingency time in case you are delayed or that we over-run our time. The quickest and more direct way to contact me is by text. I will message you as soon as I can