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Here are a few additions for a relaxing massage that’ll totally spice up your life:

1) Massage with Oral
When I start of a massage in the normal way with deep tissue massage, and then start to get more intimate, I many move into oral. Be careful though as you may imagine this can feel truly amazing and you have to be careful that you don’t explode too early. I can lick up and down the whole shaft and then move her tongue around the head of the penis. An oral massage of course is not just about BlowJob. Oral can mean any part of the human body being teased by another persons tongue and lips. This could be butterfly kissing along your partner’s back and legs, or even breathing on your partner’s neck as you slide up their torso when giving a body to body massage.

2) Prostate massage
A prostate massage is a delicate sensual procedure that only those with the right skills can do properly. I will insert my finger into your anus and gently massage your prostate gland. I will also stroking and massing your penis and testicles with my other hand. Prostate massage is probably the most erotic massage you can have. This is adult bliss at its most finest

3) Body to Body massage
The soft skin of my breasts and legs will caress your back and legs. As I work my way up your torso, my gentle breath against your ears and neck will give you goose bumps all over. Once you are fully relaxed I will ask you to turn over where I will start to gently work on your front. I will tease and touch your most sensitive areas using my hands and other parts. I will tease you and build your pleasure to ever greater heights, each time taking you closer to the edge. The end of this erotic massage will be explosive. After the body to body massage has finished we can take a shower together where you can gently float back down from your cloud of ecstasy.

4) Tie and Tease massage
If you try the tie and tease massage session you will be in for a real treat. I will start the session by undressing you and carefully blindfolding you. When your body is stripped of one of it’s senses, the other senses get heightened. Using parts of my body and various items including silk and feathers I will tease and caress you. This experience will then follow with my intimate and erotic body to body tantric massage with an explosive finish. If this sounds like your kind of fun then why not give me a call today to arrange a very naughty session.

I hope to see you soon for a fun time together